Monday, May 28, 2012

~Sweet Memorial Day - May 28th, 2012~

Today, is a special day. A special day for remembrance. And a special day for prayer. I typically do a ~Sweet Saturday~ post, however, I wanted to save my week and talking about it for this special day. Usually, instead of this, on Mondays, we do a ~Movie Mondays~ post, which last week included the movie "To Sir, With Love" - don't worry, I haven't forgotten, and will be incorporating it into this post. 

So why is Memorial Day so special, you ask? Simply because it is the day that commemorates those who have given their lives so that we can live our lives in peace. It is a debt to the society that can never be repaid, or even fully appreciated, and I'm thankful for the brave soldiers that we have lost. It is a sad thing that instead of pinning medals onto their uniforms, we put flags by their graves - but what bigger honor is there, than to be remembered by generations and generations of the people of your nation for your bravery and valor? On this day, I want to express my gratitude for these soldiers, for without their sacrifices, our great nation would not be what it is today. I want to bow my head, and say a prayer for them and their families. And I want to tell their families, who sent their children and loved ones from their bosom to the battlefield, that we will always remember. Always.

My Week

Since my last ~Sweet Saturday~ post, there have been a bunch of things that I have to report. First of all, I'm really glad that I'm back and in the groove of things, and blogging a little more regularly than usual. Last Sunday, my review for "Overseas" by Beatriz William (a beautiful love story) went up, followed by ~Movie Mondays~ which featured the movie, "To Sir With Love" with Sidney Poitier. On Tuesday, I did a review for "The Car Thief" by Theodore Weesner, which is actually a re-released book, and a fantastic coming-of-age, face your demons, kind of book. I took a break on Wednesday, and then on Thursday, a review for "Coming Up For Air" by Patti Callahan Henry went up on the blog - this is another beautiful novel set in the South, that deals with the acceptance and realization of self, and incorporates history into its narrative. That was the extent of my blogging, this week. Not a review a day kind of blog, this blog of mine - but I hope it's acceptable, anyway.

As for my own personal shenanigans all week - I was pretty depressed earlier on in the week because on Monday, FOX aired the LAST episode of HOUSE. I've been following House since day one, and have grown deeply attached to the characters, especially House. There are quite a few things I learned thanks to House, and none of them had anything to do with medicine (except, as soon as there is any joint involvement, suspect :P). The two hour season finale showcased an hour long episode called "Swan Song" in which Hugh Laurie recollects the years, the journey, till the very end. Followed by an episode called "Every One Dies", which is the actual last episode of the show. "Swan Song" already had me in tears, and sad to watch the show go, and although they didn't make "Every One Dies" an incredibly sad episode (and I'm glad), you could even call it upbeat,  I was still crying because I knew it was the end. I think the ending was perfect, it was the very representation of all that is HOUSE. But my depression didn't end there, the Los Angeles Lakers lost Game #5 to the Oklahoma City Thunders, resulting in their elimination from the Playoffs. This is the second year this is happening, and as a Lakers fan, it makes me incredibly sad! And then, on Tuesday, I had to say goodbye to the class of 2012 on Glee - I was bawling like a baby by the end of that episode...but it was a FANTASTIC episode!!! Thank God, the next day Donald Driver (along with his partner, Peta Murgatroyd)won "Dancing with the Stars" season finale, walking away with the mirror-ball trophy. Since I'd been rooting for this self-deprecating, ever-determined, and sexy athlete from the very beginning, it was an absolutely perfect end to the season. 

Lastly, on Friday, it was "International Day" at the school where I work as a substitute teacher. It was absolutely BRILLIANT, and beautiful - seeing all the children in their traditional dresses, representation many nations and races. It didn't help my diet/workout regimen that a bunch of the students I've taught insisted I try the cuisine representing their culture, that their parents had brought. I took a BUNCH of pictures, but unfortunately, I cannot post them here as I did not obtain consent from the parents of the children in the photos, and I don't want any objections raised - I hope you guys understand. There were a bunch of performances, songs, and lots of yummy food. All in all, that day was a perfect success.

Book I'm Currently Reading

I'm currently re-reading "Coming Up For Air" by Patti Callahan Henry, as there was an app that was just recently launched that goes hand in hand with the book. Yes, you read correct...and APP, that co-relates to the book! How COOL is that, right!?!?!? It's a wonderful book, and I wanted to be able to remember which parts influenced the app, so here I am reading it again! 

Just a little info on the app: it is called "Wildflowers" by Patti Callahan Henry, and is created by Wildflower Wishes LLC. The app is inspired by a gorgeous garden scene in the book, and was commissioned especially for this Patti Callahan Henry's novel "Coming Up For Air", as it was released on paperback on May 22, 2012 by St. Martin's Griffin. Here's a FUN FACT: If you buy a paperback copy of "Coming Up For Air" by Patti Callahan Henry, (click on the book cover below) it features the QR code to the app on the cover of the book!!!!

The FREE app comes with five special wildflower icons, each with a designated meaning (I'm sorry; I love you; Good luck, etc) which can be send to friends or loved ones via email, to fellow Wildflower Wishes users or to Facebook friends, along with a personalized heartfelt message - with ONE click, you could make someone's day. Additional wildflowers (icons) can be purchased for a mere $0.99. You can use it for birthdays, anniversaries, or (my favorite reason), just because! It's FREE, what have you got to lose? Just click on the shot of the app below, and it will take you straight to the app store on iTunes. 

 A screenshot of the cover of the main screen or cover of the app - isn't it beautiful?

A screenshot of the actual app - with a wildflower icon. Again, isn't it absolutely ADORABLE? 

Also, here is a list of flowers available to you through the app, and more will be added along the way, for special occasions, and such.

Infinite Love -- Bellflower
I Am Grateful -- Bluebells
Sending Encouragement -- Black Eyed Susan
Thinking of You -- Zinnia
A Mother's Love – Impatiens
Pure Loyal Love -- Daisy
Bond of Love -- Honeysuckle
I am sorry; Please forgive me -- Purple Hyacinth
Don't forget me -- Forget Me Not
I will never forget you -- Everlasting
Sending Protection -- White Heather
Sending Cheer -- Crocus
Sending Courage and Daring -- Edelweiss
Sending Good Luck -- Clover
Sending Perserverance -- Chicory
Farewell -- Sweet Pea
Secret Love -- Acacia
Love at First Sight – Gloxinia

Song of the Week

As everyone knows, or should know, Coldplay is absolute GENIUS and I love Ri-Ri too (that's Rihanna, just in case you're like who the heck is THAT!?!?!). I think this song is wonderfully done, and the tune is absolutely addictive. The lyrics are an absolute hit too - with the title adding just that added quirkiness that both the artists (the band and the singer) are known for. My favorite lyrics...

Once upon a time somebody ran
Somebody ran away saying 'fast as I can
I got to go, I got to go'
Once upon a time we fell apart
You're holding in your hands the two halves of my heart
Oh oh oh, ohohohoh

I could have been a princess, you'd be a king
Could have had a castle and worn a ring
But no, you let me go...

Thank you for visiting the blog today, I hope you'll leave me a comment telling me about YOUR WEEK, and about your aspirations, dreams, music/books you've enjoyed during your week etc. Looking forward to hearing from you...have a WONDERFUL WEEK!!! :)


  1. Awesome post. I haven't heard this song. Love it & Coldplay too.

    1. Hey Mina,

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I'm trying to keep blogging, but it seems lately, I want to write more about my life, than books! But who's interested in THAT!?!? lol :P I love Coldplay too... was really glad to have come across this song, and then it just got STUCK in my head! :D Hope you'll continue to visit...

      P.S... your name always makes me think of "Dracula" hahaha :P