Tuesday, July 10, 2012

~Summer Lovin' Giveaway Hop - INT~

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Well, well, well....SUMMER is here...and LOVE is in the air!!! Yes, the sweltering heat lights a fire inside of you, and the romance just comes boilin' up....don't deny it...just roll with the love punches! lol :P (Yes, I just said love punches....believe it! bwahahahahaha). This giveaway hop is ALL about celebrating the summer romance....

Okay, I know you have some hoppin' to do...so I'm just going to get down to it. On the blog today, this Enamored Soul is bringing you the work of a really sweet, articulate, kind and amazing author named Amanda McNeil. Why this book? Because Amanda has penned a post-apocalyptic novel that is intertwined with a beautiful love story! Trust me, this book is both a dystopian, horror filled with adrenaline...and a love story that is SURE to inspire you! :D

About the Book


What is normal?

Frieda has never felt normal. She feels every emotion too strongly and lashes out at herself in punishment. But one day when she stays home from work too depressed to get out of bed, a virus breaks out turning her neighbors into flesh-eating, brain-hungry zombies. As her survival instinct kicks in keeping her safe from the zombies, Frieda can’t help but wonder if she now counts as healthy and normal, or is she still abnormal compared to every other human being who is craving brains?

 Links where you can find "Waiting for Daybreak" : Amazon, Author's Blog, GoodReads, LibraryThing, Pinterest

About the Author

Amanda is an energetic, masters degree educated, 20-something happily living in an attic
apartment in Boston with her shelter-adopted cat. She writes scifi, horror, urban fantasy, literary
fiction, and paranormal romance. She has previously published short stories and a novella.


Make sure to check out her website: Opinions of a Wolf

More Info

I'm part of the Official Blog Tour for "Waiting for Daybreak" , and the Blog Tour starts on July 13th. My post for the blog tour goes up on July 14th, 2012. Because Amanda is such an amazingly sweet person, she offered an eBook to be part of this giveaway hop! So that's what I'm offering you, today! :D Since it is an eBook, this giveaway is INTERNATIONAL. Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below...

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