Tuesday, May 31, 2011

~Legends in the Making (#1) - Tymothy Longoria~

Hi everyone! I'm very excited today because I have a very special treat for you guys. My first interview! And not just my first interview, but the first of many because I've decided that I'm going to start a series called ~Legends in the Making~ in which I'll feature all the new and aspiring authors who are looking to make a name for themselves in literature. I want my blog to be a forum that gives a platform to the voice of these authors, showcases their talents, and promotes their work(s). 

My first guest that I will be interviewing is author Tymothy Longoria. What makes me really happy is that I am starting this series with not just an amazing author, but someone who is a dear friend, and a wonderful person. He's been an amazingly supportive friend, and an inspiration to me, and I can assure you that he will make a name for himself, and that his work will become the stuff of legends!

He's the author of The Stories: Book One- Genesis. You can click on the link, which will lead you to Tymothy's blog, and you can read all about his manuscript, and other amazing posts showcasing his writing talent. So, without further ado, I am going to delve into the interview my interview with this "legend in the making" that will reveal to you just who Tymothy Longoria is.

Question #1) Can you describe the first time, the first moment, or the first instance in which you realized that you wanted to be a writer?

I can. Describe the first moment when I realized that I could have something here. My Wife, Jennifer and I were talking one night. The conversation was about how I liked robots when I was a little boy and I used to draw them all the time. Robots with boxy heads and bodies-you know-old school ‘bots. I whipped out a notebook and drew the same little robot I used to. Little Tymmy would be proud. Jen mentioned she liked to draw swings and flowers and trees. Her drawings were very “little girl” mine very “little boy.” The next day it was business as usual at work when I received a picture text from Jennifer. It was a little robot swinging in a park. I loved it of course. It was our child hood selves together, for the first time. Jennifer often says she wishes she knew the “little me”. It happened to be our 10th anniversary a few days later and I sat at my computer. I searched for images of robots and I saw one with a sad face. It dawned on me. I decided to write her a story for our anniversary. It’s called The Sad Little Robot and is the story of a robot in search of friendship, wandering to and fro. As I was writing I kept thinking cool, this is cool. She loved it and we both said hey, why not? So that’s when it started. The night I wrote my first short story as an anniversary gift.

Question #2) What are some of the trials that you have experienced being a writer?

I hate to sound brash or pompous but because of my faith-that is just doing everything I can to make my dream happen-I have yet to encounter any real “trial”. My family supports me. My teenage son tells me often, “Can you hurry and finish your book?” So…I am very blessed.

Question #3) When one speaks about trials, one must also speak about triumphs. So could you tell us about the triumphs you’ve experienced thus far in your writing career?

Great question and one I am very happy to answer. Triumph is defined as a great victory. Achievement. I can say sincerely that writing The Stories has been my number one writing achievement. Putting my very spirit, my voice onto “paper” has been a tremendous blessing and a boost in my confidence in myself and in my faith. I could never say enough how much of an astonishing thing it is to know deep within that what you’re doing-was meant to be. It’s one of those things that will have people say “I didn’t know ya had it in ya!” Triumph is finding all of my Friends. All of them. Via Twitter, Facebook. Because of writing. That is a great achievement I do not take lightly.

Question #4) Can you name some authors that have inspired you as a writer?

I can name some well-knowns. I respect and admire them, of course. We all have our favorites. But I’ll let some lesser knowns in the “field” have their day. I am inspired by Indies. They have the drive. The want. The desire to be heard. They always seem to be so happy about their choice as well. Tiffany King, Author of Meant To Be. Megg Jensen, Anathema. Nicholas Denmon, For Nothing. Allie Burke, The Enchanters Series. There are so many more. I’ll move on with this: You never know when an Indie will be a new voice for the entire industry.

Question #5) Let’s talk about the most memorable moment of your life – what was it, please describe it to us.

Wow. In my short 31 years of living I have had so very many. I can say the day I got married.

When my son Jubal was born. Or 8 years later when my daughter Araceli arrived. Those days, those moments could never be topped. So I’ll say that, honestly, the night in Question 1. It is affected every decision, every dream. Every hope.  It affects my wife…and son…and daughter. Everything and everyone around me. The most memorable moment in my life was the night I realized I wanted to be a writer. It has changed me. Everything and everyone around me.

Question #6) Your novel/manuscript – Can you tell us about it in exactly five sentences?

Here’s the difficult question. I’m up for the task.

In a world where “fantasy” is passed down from generation to generation as history. Where myth is truth and stories are alive. These legendary characters have stood the test of time itself. They breathe with new life as new blood courses through their veins. They join together for the first time in an epic fantasy like no other.

(Exclusive copyrighted content for "The Stories" by Kimberly Atkins)

Question #7) When did the idea for this book come to you? What inspired it?

First let me say I have been so blessed to have so many say they can’t wait to read it. It really is

When exactly is hard to remember. But…maybe March of last year was the first time the idea came into my head. This is a very weird question. Let me explain. Just a few days ago, I tweeted, “The idea for The Stories. It came out of nowhere. New post on Aspire No More up soon!” So you see. The idea was inspired by, drum roll, please: nothing. I mean I really and honestly can’t say where it came from. I love art and music. I wish I could name something I saw or read but I can’t. I think it was a dream I had that subconsciously remembered. Because I don’t even remember having a dream about it. I was at work talking to my brother about some other ideas I had for non-fiction books. There was an image, a moving image playing in my head, over and over: A girl in a red hood flashing by. Then I could only see her feet, running very fast through a misty forest as the sounds of her breath filled the air. Suddenly she stops. Just stops. The creatures can’t be seen but they can be heard. She turns slowly to face the beasts and says quietly in a not-so-happy tone: “Do your worst.” It just happened to be that she was wearing red. My favorite color. I didn’t want to change that. It just happened to be that The Little Red Riding Hood was who she was. But over time, she became oh so much more. She immediately became L’orrah and the rest-God-willing-will be History. I know in my heart that she will prevail. Oh but that’s not all. SO much is going on. ;}

That was the beginning of The Stories.

Question #8) What advice would you give to other aspiring authors?

I’d say do it. I’d say do it. I’d say drop the aspiring. My blog is called Aspire No More. It can be simple semantics but I believe it’s so much more than that. We are who we think we are. The word aspiring for me means “almost there, but not quite.” For me, and many others agree,simply dropping this mentality is the first step to being a writer. Advice that I give to writers is ask yourself: What do I have to bring to the writing table? What do I have to offer? If the answer is anything but “All of me”, then take a little more time to decide what you want to do. Now I hope that doesn’t come off as crass but in reality that’s what it takes to truly make a mark worth calling remarkable and #epic ;}. You deserve everything writing has to offer. In turn writing deserves all of you.

Question #9) If you could describe yourself in one word, what would that word be?


Question #10) Last, but not the least, what can we expect from Tymothy Longoria in the upcoming year?

Constancy. In everything I do. I recently wrote a blog for the New Authors Fellowship entitled “No One Ever Said Hope Would Be So Beautiful.” In it I write that the word hope is greatly underappreciated. So with that in mind, I am full of hope that this year is the year for me. I’m no ignoramus about the industry and that it takes time to query and so on. But then again, I never thought I’d be interviewed…because I’m writing.

I will query. There is one agent that when I read what he is looking for…I teared up and prayed. I read it again and again. Because some of what he wants to rep is literally what I’ve written. Not my MS…but the idea. So this year…wow. Only God knows. But He has given me everything I need to do what I must.

You can also expect some video logs. A new trailer and a great synopsis for my Baby, The Stories:Book One-Genesis. I will soon begin The Stories:Book Two-The Bridge.

As you yourself can attest to I am a very hopeful man and this is only beginning for Tymothy Longoria. Of that I can assure you.

All heart, no pomp from me to you.

Be blessed.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that concludes our first interview. I want to thank Tymothy, for taking time out from his busy schedule to answer these questions. I am sure you are completely invigorated by Tymothy's answers, I know I am! :) You can find and follow Tymothy Longoria via  Twitter, Facebook and his blog "Aspire No More" Make sure to follow him, and ~The Chronicles of an Enamored Soul~ will continue to bring you updates, exclusive content and news on Tymothy's work in the future. I have no doubt in my mind that some day soon, Tymothy will be named as one of the authors who served as inspiration for another upcoming author, another "legend in the making."


  1. What a fab interview. Tymothy is amazing & I hope he has a long and amazing career. Everyone should check his work out. <3


  2. @Megg Jensen

    Thank you for your comment Meg, I absolutely agree with you. 100% percent. Tymothy is absolutely fabulous :D


  3. Tymothy is brilliant and he has the best heart. He will certainly go far, because he has favor...and talent. I am so proud of him.

    Thank you for a wonderful interview. I interviewed author Tiffany King on my blog and found it to be a great experience. I can't wait to interview other authors that are turning their dreams into reality. I believe, that as writers, we love to hear the story behind the public persona. We need to know that we are not the only ones who feel the way we do.

  4. Wonderful!!!!!! I love the robot and swing story - how romantic is that!?!?

    There is already a vacancy in my bookshelf for The Stories. OK. SERIOUSLY. I love Tymothy and I think he's an incredible, wonderful person. He's going to the top!

  5. Fantastic interview!! And Tymothy, as always, is a true inspiration! Along with Christin, I love to hear who the writers are behind their work. It was fun to get to know Tymothy a bit more.

    This will be a great segment and I love your title "Legends in the Making". Congrats on a great first interview- he set the bar high :)

  6. @Christin Mowery

    Dear Christin,

    You are so right, Tymothy does have the best heart. And he most certainly has His favor. Tym's words always strengthen my faith. Thank you for taking the time to comment - and it is indeed true, we love knowing the person behind the words, the book, the public persona. I loved receiving insight on Tymothy's wonderful mind. Thank you for stopping by, hope you'll continue to visit! :)


  7. @Sammie Spencer

    Dear Sammie,

    Yes, Tymothy is a special guy, so there is no surprise that his bond with his wife Jennifer is a special one as well. That romantic story really warmed my heart. Yes, Tymothy is definitely going to the top - and I will always have place for his work, both in my shelf and in my heart. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you'll continue to visit :D


  8. @morganwylie

    Dear Morgan,

    I could not have put it better - Tymothy has indeed set the bar high. I have big plans for the "Legends in the Making" segment, and I hope you'll continue to show your support. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, I hope you'll continue to visit! :D


  9. Great interview! I always like to hear what Tymothy has to say. Thank you, Hira, for supporting new authors with this great feature!

  10. @K.C. Neal

    Dear K.C.,

    Thank you SO much for stopping by, and for your support & encouragement. Tymothy is, indeed, absolutely amazing. And I hope you'll continue to support this segment. Again, thank you...and I hope you have an amazing day :)


  11. @Megg Jensen

    It really was a great interview. It reminded me of the "when".

    Hira is a natural.

    I thank you so much for those words!

    Hope...the key word!

  12. @Christin Mowery

    Christin...my first #BNFF. You're one of the peeps who make me proud to be who I am.

    Thank you. That word-favor-is such an enormous blessing and another reminder that with God all things are possible.

    We have great things to accomplish.

  13. @Sammie Spencer

    I really hope I don't sound repetitious but...ah, what the heck:

    Sammie, you are one of those people that I think is truly cool and I am glad to know you.

    Also...sheesh. What more can I say?

    "Going to the top"? There's no topping that. Intended.

    Be sure to keep that spot open! :}

  14. @morganwylie

    What I can do for you all and myself is to keep being who I am.

    Morgan...I truly am humbled by your words and I take them into my heart. With every word I write I ask myself-what do I have to offer?

    Thank you.

    Yes...this is a really brilliant idea Hira cooked up!!!

  15. @K.C. Neal

    This is so so so awesome.

    K.C. on facebook I shared with you something I hadn't yet shared. I didn't know I would. But it's the truth and it was to hopefully help you in your current situation. We ALL get there. We ALL must step over or through it.

    We ALL have a duty to create the best that we possibly can.

    Here's to creating stories worth remembering!

  16. Wow... wow... WOW.
    What an #Epic interview.
    Tymothy, my friend, my #BNFF, my... inspiration.

    Thank you. For sharing. For doing. Everything you do is... GREAT, and never fails to affect my heart, my... writing.

    I also cannot wait. For the "Baby". To watch this journey of yours unfold. I cannot wait for the day when many will stand up and say, "Tymothy Longoria is my favorite writer." I cannot wait, because I will be right there with them.

    Thank you, Tymothy, for everything.
    I am deeply grateful.

  17. @Allie

    Allie. Allie Burke. You have named me as an inspiration.

    Have I told you that that inspires ME?

    I while back, when Hira and I had just "met"...I think it was when I asked what should I call my Supporters, maybe Homies I said in jest because I don't call them "followers".

    She suggested "friends".

    I think Christin is the only one I knew at the time.

    Megg Jensen had graciously allowed me to interview her when my blog was just starting. It wasn't THAT long ago but so much as happened and I've met so many wonderful people who WANT me to succeed...

    ...and my very nature is to lift up, to edify, to support others as well, so it just "works."

    You, Allie are my Friend.

    Wow. "My favorite author"...to God be the glory and THAT is something I cannot wait for.

  18. @Allie

    Dear Allie,

    After that exchange, what more can I add? :) Thank you SO much for your unwavering support of Tymothy - he is, by far, one of the most inspiring and sweetest writers I've ever come across. I really appreciate your support, you taking the time out to comment, and I hope you will continue to visit.


    P.S...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Allie <3

  19. Hira, you're so sweet. Thank you <3

    Tym... you know what it be. Friends. #BNFF's. Writers. Always.

  20. What a day to remember.

    Hira, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    You've done so much for me...I hope you realize.

    Thank you so much for doing this. I will definitely be visiting often.


  21. @Tymothy Longoria

    You call me a FRIEND - I could ask for nothing more, that is the greatest treasure you could ever give me, the gift of your friendship. I will pray for your success, now and always! :)


  22. Fantastic interview, really, great job; looking forward to many more!! Tymothy, praying for you every step of the way. And as your family so lovingly says..."Hurry up with that awesome series already" we want to read it!! ;D

    Blessings to you!
    Leah P. Lozano

  23. @Tymothy Longoria

    We can, and will, do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens us. His favor surrounds us, and goes before us, making the way for our talent to be recognized, so that we may have a platform that will allow us to bring glory to His name.

    Thank you, Tymothy, for fully-utilizing the abilities that He has given you, and for acting on the dreams that He has placed within you.

    You most certainly will succeed...because no one can stop what He has put into motion.

  24. @Leah P. Lozano

    Prayer is greatly underestimated by a lot of people. I'm not judging ANYbody but mean only to say, THAT, I truly appreciate.

    Time is the ultimate teller of truth.

    This will happen, because I"m doing everything I can to make it so, but also because of all of you, supporting me and praying for me.

    For that, again, I thank you.

  25. @Christin Mowery

    "ACTING on the dreams He has placed within" me.

    Indeed. There's been doubt. There's been the "I don't know if I can" moments, but to hell with them.

    That a bit much? Lol.

    No, It IS a step of faith doing what we're doing, attempting what we're attempting.

    All for Him, by Him, through Him.