Wednesday, June 1, 2011

~Movie Castings - Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini~

You know, as a reader, that when you are reading a book there is a certain movie playing along inside your head. There are people you picture that would take part in the movie, and play certain characters. ~Movie Castings~ is going to be a series where I'm going to take a book, and suggest a cast for it. I forewarn you, I may sometimes take liberty with the descriptions provided, and my choices are in no way representative of the book, it's author, it's editors or the publishing company. I make my choices based on the personality, demeanor, and the looks of the person, and these are my personal choices. I'd love for you to make suggestions/comments as well.

This week, I'm going to cast the movie for "Starcrossed" by Josephine Angelini. This book has overtaken my senses and I went so far as to say that I liked it better than the first installment of the Twilight series. Having said that, of course, I think it should be commissioned for a movie, and here are MY picks of who would play which role. What do YOU think?


Okay, this was the MOST DIFFICULT choice, because in all honesty, throughout the entire book, I kept picturing Josephine Angelini's face, from the back of the book, as a young Helen. I mean, look at her, she's GORGEOUS! So for this one, I had to sit down and think. I mean this actress is supposed to have "the Face that launched a Thousand Ships", that's a big responsibility. Honestly, I couldn't think of any ONE actress. So all of these following actresses have one attribute or another that I think Helen would embody.

Jessica Stroup - She was my first pick. She's got an ease about her, but also a ferociousness that is both alarming and delicious. She's young, and cute. I think she'd make a perfect Helen, although I'm not sure she's that tall.

Evan Rachel Wood - I think that she's played the adult and very conniving Queen Sophie Anne in True Blood, but that truly showcases her tranformative abilities, don't you think? She's certainly got the Face. If they can still have her look as youthful as this, she'd be perfect because she also has the height. Out of all the choices, she may also be the best suited to play both Helen and *ahem* a certain other Ms. Atreus. 

Jennifer Lawrence - Okay, so I don't really want to emulate The Hunger Games here, but it's just that...look at that face and tell me it's not one the Face that could launch a Thousand Ships? It so is, plus, she's tall, and she has that physique, very tall and statuesque that would be just perfect for some of the action-packed scenes in the script!


Liam Hemsworth: I mean he's for the amazing bone structure, and the sinewy yet not bulky body of a Greek God - I mean, he's the first one that came to mind. Plus, he's super tall, and that's how I imagined Lucas to be, given that Helen is so tall. But as Jopsephine Angelini reminded me, Lucas is supposed to have darker skin (can't we just give Liam a nice tan coat!? Lol :P)

Steven Strait - He's got a slightly darker complexion, so that suits the description. Plus he has this raw intensity that I think would be absolutely insane on-screen as Lucas. I just don't know how well he'd do with blond hair! But is that turned out well, he'd be a dusky, blond piece of yummy, don't ya think?


Charlie Hunnam - Have loved his acting since "Green Street Hooligans" & he's tall,has an incredible body.And can play both Hector &/or Creon.

Chris Hemsworth - Come on,the guy's played Thor, he definitely has the physique for it. Plus, the audience would be getting two Hemsworth worth of goodies! ;-)


Lyndsay Fonseca - For some reason, I imagined the twins as brown-haired. The twins ARE brown haired & hazel-eyed, as Josephine was kind enough to point out to me! :) (Not that either of my choices would look bad sporting blond hair, but good to know my mind is still capable of retaining subliminal messages!). This is just a beautiful girl, and Ariadne is supposed to be alluring and beautiful. Plus, she also has the ample bosom that is the object of much scrutiny, especially when Matt is around! A part of also saw Ashley Greene playing Ariadne, but I'd rather not see ANY of the Twilight cast in this movie.


Luke Pasqualino - Okay, so we might have to bulk him up a little bit. But I am telling you this boy is PERFECT for the role of Jason. Jase is the voice of reason, the one always mediating between Hector and Lucas, and there's a certain quiet charm about him. Pasqualino has landed himself a role in "The Borgias" and instead of skidding by on his looks, he gave an immensely powerful performance playing the quiet but strong lover. So, I think this is our guy for Jason.

Taylor Lautner - Yes, yes, I did say I didn't want any of the Twilight cast in there, but I haven't seen a hotter brown-haired, hazel-eyed guy with that kinda muscles around in a while, so I just had to, ok? I still think Pasqualino bulked up could blow all of us away, but I mean, Taylor could be considered for the role too, you know? *shrugs* Just sayin' :P


Saoirse Ronan - Even all grown up, Saoirse has a certain ethereal, sage-like yet innocent beauty to her that is both haunting and unsettling. I think she would be perfect playing the eerie Oracle who is also the darling sister. 

Evanna Lynch - Little Luna is all grown up, but like Saoirse, Evanna still has that child-like charm. Plus, with those penetrating icy grey-blue eyes, I am sure she could make anyone's spine tingle with her intensity! :D


Nick Jonas - Ok, sue me! It's not my fault his face came to mind when I thought of cute, nerdy but super stellar friend Matt! But I also have another suggestion....

Michael Angarano - Although Nick was playing through my mind as I read the book, I think Angarano would be an even better choice, because this kid does have some acting prowess, not just good looks. Plus, look at that mug, isn't he endearing? Wouldn't he be the guy that may understand nothing, but will still keep all your secrets and never leave your side as a friend? And you can totally see him drooling over Ariadne (Lyndsey Fonseca), no? :P


Jamie Chung - Ok, I'm not trying to be politically incorrect. I know Jamie Chung is Korean, not Japanese - but it wouldn't be the first time that something like this would happen. She is gorgeous, as Claire is supposed to be, but smart, which she can most certainly play.

Okay, so that was MY list of nominees for the cast. But that's just my opinion. What's YOUR take on the cast? I would LOVE to hear what everyone thinks. Let me know which actors, and actresses you thought would befit the characters in Starcrossed. Just, please, I implore that no one suggest "Kristen Stewart" for ANYTHING...or else I'll have to put a hurtin' on that person. Thankyouverymuch! Also, if you haven't gotten your hands on "Starcrossed" yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Go and get your copy TODAY!!! :)


  1. OOO! Love me some Liam Hemsworth!

  2. I love that Nick Jonas is part of the dream cast. :)

  3. @WulfLuva

    Hey, thanks for your comment...Yes, he really is a dreamboat isn't he. I think he has some fine acting capability too - he just needs a meatier role, and I believe this would be one for him! :)


  4. @Amy (ArtsyBookishGal)

    Hey Amy,

    Thanks for your comment! I'll admit it, I've never heard ONE single Jonas Brothers song! Not one...but I've seen them appear a million places and when it came time to imagine these characters, he instantly sprang to mind. So, I said...why not? :)


  5. Hey :-) love it... Evan rachael wood would be my helen... I dont have my lucas yet lol... I know you said no twilight but kellan lutz would be the perfect hector for me and yes to nick jonas as matt lol... Danielle x

  6. Evan Rachel Wood – HELEN
    Liam Hemsworth – LUCAS
    Chris Hemsworth – HECTOR
    Lyndsay Fonseca - ARIANDNI
    Taylor Lautner – JASON
    Evanna Lynch – CASSANDRA
    Michael Angarano – MATT
    Jamie Chung – CLAIRE

    AHHH I am so glad that you are making a movie on Starcrossed I have been looking for a book like this since I could first read and now after 16 yrs I have. I have recommended this to all my friends. And I will watch this movie everyday in the cinema till it goes out. I have already read the book once and I had CRIED in the ending and NOW I am going to read it again. I THINK THAT THE CHARACTERS YOU HAVCE PICKED ARE GREAT ROLLS FOR STARCROSSED. But out of the options you had I would prefer these and I think that maybe
    ZACK could be Luke Pasqualino
    However it is your movie so I think what you pick would be great either way I am going to be watching it.  xx

  7. But Jason isn't supposed to be all that muscular, he is supposed to be catlike and had a body for lounging. Also, I don't think Luke would be either of those actors. But other than that I like your choices.

  8. OMG please email me at and let me know if this Starcrossed book is going to be a movie, or if it already is, and when does it come out!! :D Sooo interested if there's a movie!! Great book!

  9. Amazing book and fantastic cast except for luke, I imagined him a bit different but oh well. If this is made into a movie I am going to be thanking all those goods forever!!!!!

  10. Some suggestions for Lucas : Nathan Kress, Luke Benward, Drew Roy, Logan Lerman, Penn Badgley, Daren Kagasoff
    Evan Rachel Wood is perfect for Helen ! :)

  11. Some suggestions for Lucas : Nathan Kress, Luke Benward, Drew Roy, Logan Lerman, Penn Badgley, Daren Kagasoff
    Evan Rachel Wood is perfect for Helen ! :)

  12. Great cast list! I always imagined Helen as Dianna Agron. She's so beautiful!

  13. If I were casting, I would choose Evan Rachel Wood for Helen, Landon Liboiron for Luke, Chase Crawford for Hector, Sarah Hyland for Cassandra, Megan Fox for Ariadne, Avan Jogia for Jason, Shia LeBeouf for Matt, and I'm not sure about Claire.

    I know that some of my choices are weird, like Shia LeBeouf for Matt, but he's good at playing an awkward person, and that's kind of what Matt strikes me as.

  14. Okay you really need to dream cast Orion!!!!

  15. Liam Hemsworth, Evan Rachel Wood, Chris Hemsworth,Taylor Lautner, Evanna Lynch, Nick Jonas,Jamie Chung. That is like every one I thought of when reading the book.

  16. Hey, enjoyed looking your cast can you check out my cast please @

  17. Lucas has black hair and blue eyes: "He had short, black hair and a dark end-of-the-summer tan that brought out his white smile and his swimming-pool blue eyes." - Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini, 1st edition, page 43, last paragraph. Although Liam did dye his hair black for the HG movies, so he could work too.

    1. oh and so is Cassandra... i think. P.S. u should also do Daphne, but i guess she would be the same as Helen... so the doesn't matter

  18. I think Lucas should look a like this guy, his name is Jorge Blanco, he has the slighty darker skin and he's cute

  19. En los demás personajes he encontrado similitudes y que van bien con las personalidades, pero para Lucas, esos actores no son nada acertados, debe ser muchísimo más guapo, que lo que se dice atractivo, y Jasón, mucho más que Lucas Pasqualino!! En el libro se les describe como, superguapos !! Inigualables!

  20. Seriously, Taylor Lautner would be absolutely perfect for the role of Lucas, he is such a capable actor, and he fits the description perfectly!!I would love to see him as Lucas, if the book was ever made into a movie. I personally think that it would be AMAZING as a movie, even though the books are always better. Whoever makes this movie has my respect, and I would be the first person to buy a ticket.:)

  21. Evan Rachel Wood would be amazing at the role of Helen as well.