Friday, June 17, 2011

~Spring Into Summer Read-a-Thon - Update Day #1~

Okay, so Day #1 is coming to an end - I mean, sure I have more time to read, but it's time to update, and let the world know how far I've gotten this day (trust me, not very far!). So, without further ado, here's my update:

  1. First of all, give us an end-of-day status update.
    Answer:  I read "The Midwife's Confession" by Diane Chamberlain, which is an extremely interesting book. I've read about 315 pages so far, and it is coming to a close, and I'm excited to pick up my next book. I'm struggling to keep up with the posting, which sucks - but it's my first read-a-thon, and I suspect I'll learn! :) Also, I've been sick all day...and my fever is not really relenting, so I don't know how long I'll be able to stay awake. Also, it's my dad's birthday tomorrow, so I am sure I won't be reading very much tomorrow either - so I can kiss that coveted grand prize goodbye, but that's okay...I'm just happy to be participating. This is fun! =)

  2. What is the favorite thing you have read today?
    Answer: "The Midwife's Confession" is all that I have read today, but in all honesty, I absolutely absolutely am loving it. So I guess that would be it!

  3. Which mini-challenge was your favorite?
    Answer: I think the last mini-challenge with the book titles making a sentence was the most fun for me. Although I really enjoyed the one that prompted me to write - but then again, writing is my passion. This challenge was the most different one for me.

  4. What has been your favorite thing about the read-a-thon?
    Answer: Just reading along with people; knowing that there are other readers/bloggers out there participating in the challenges, and striving to read alongside me! Also, the mini-challenges have been fun too.

  5. What has been your LEAST favorite thing about the read-a-thon?
    Answer: I like everything about the read-a-thon, but if I really must complain and whine, the only thing I wished for, was a little more time for the challenges. Actually, I suppose the time was enough, but given there are so many different things that needed to be done - I would sometimes check the mini-challenge post late, and thus be scrambling to create my post for the mini-challenge. And it's not like you can schedule the posts either, because you don't know what the mini-challenge is before hand. But then again, I guess that is why they are called "Challenges" lol =P

  6. Are you on track to meet your goals?
    Answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Haha, I thought I'd be reading so much faster and so much more. But that's okay. It's not a marathon. I always tend to enjoy my books. In fact, the longer I linger on a book, chances are, the more I like it. I usually spend more time with a book BECAUSE I like it very much! =)

  7. Will you be participating tomorrow? Do you have any new goals?Answer: My goal for tomorrow is to NOT have a fever, lol =P This is so that I don't feel sluggish, and sleepy. That totally interferes with my reading. Also, since it's ACTUALLY the weekend, and I don't have to work, I guess the goal is to check the mini challenges on TIME! =)

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  1. I hope you get well soon! I haven't participated in any readathons but I guess they can be kind of stressful. So I hope you are able to get some rest.
    Also Happy Birthday to your dad in advance! Isn't it Father's Day tomorrow too?