Tuesday, July 26, 2011

~Happy 1st Blogoversary Mod Podge Bookshelf~

Today, July 26th 2011, is the 1st Blogoversary of the Mod Podge Bookshelf, and I just want to take this opportunity to congratulate my darling friend Gabrielle on this wonderful milestone. 

I know that all you readers, internet/social media users, and bloggers can absolutely relate when I say that there are people in this world, regardless of where you are and where they may be, who you may have never met, but you still love and respect as much as those that you have met. Gabrielle, to me, is just one of those many people. Our blogging community is absolutely fantastic, and amongst that, the book blogging community, even more so. The camaraderie and the comfort they have all provided to me, and that I have witnessed them provide to each other, is a testament to the fact that there are lots of amazing people in this world. 

But coming back to Gabrielle, who I once made the mistake of calling Gabby (God help he/she who makes that mistake). Haha, I'm joking. But, I still remember that Gabrielle gently reprimanded me, and told me that she did not like being called Gabby. Now, most of you may be wondering...out of all the memories that you could run with, THAT'S the one you're gonna choose to talk about? Well, yes! Because I knew, in that exact moment, that I was speaking to someone who was completely honest, without malice in her heart, and someone who would always be as truthful as can be. We'd been tweeting before that, but I realized that something that could have potentially made me despise her, actually made me love and respect Gabrielle that much more. Since then, there have been many various interactions with her, and an extremely interesting night where we decided to get #LoveFest trending, along with Adam of Roof Beam Reader, where we could people to share with the world whatever it was that they were grateful for. Hands down, one of the best nights on Twitter...EVER! :) I hope and pray that such beautiful moments continue taking place in my life, and that Gabrielle is always a part of them.

With all those memories, and all that gratitude - I just wanted to congratulate Gabrielle, and wish her all the success, joy and happiness in the world. Thank you for being YOU, Gabrielle - you didn't learn about being lovely from me, or my tweets...the truth is, I learned it from YOU! Love you SO much....and Happy Bloversary! =)

Make sure you click on the picture below, and wish Gabrielle a very Happy 1st Blogoversary!


  1. ...now I need the tissues, pass them over, please.

  2. Awww this was so sweet!

    I just realized I wasn't following you btw! Oops! :) Fixed It!

  3. Lovely post. I'm headed over....

    Have a great weekend.