Sunday, July 17, 2011

~Sunday Stew - July 17th, 2011~

Sunday Stew is a Weekly Meme hosted Here at Books Devoured

Bookmark of the Week

Okay, so it's not an actual bookmark. I found this saying on the internet (Tumblr), and I just printed it out, and have been using it ever since (the past three days) as a bookmark. I know it seems funny, and at times, even juvenile...but the message is a powerful one. Learn to be flexible. Love is important, but heartbreak is as much a part of life, as love is - and worth enduring if the ultimate result is achieving love in your life. But learn to deal with the trials that come with finding love in your life. I hope you like it, and if you do...feel free to print a reminder for yourself! :)

Around The Web:

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Around Me

Okay, so my mom has gone "shopping" crazy. Well, in her defense, she's a really wonderful and practical lady, but every summer we shop for our family abroad, to try and send them presents for holidays, and now that she's off from work (she's a teacher on summer vacations) - I'm her designated driver. *groan*. I mean I love the woman...I do...but shopping is SO not my thing (unless we're talking books, or shoes!).  As a matter of fact, one of the reasons why this ~Sunday Stew~ post is so short and concise is because I am absolutely bedraggled after having roamed around in the heat with her all day yesterday, and I am on my way out right now as well! 

On the BRIGHT side, I get to see my best friend Fei tonight. We're going out for dinner, and then watching "True Blood" together. We're total and complete Bloodies! I don't think that's even a word - well, Fang Bangers, then! My Gosh, I would give an ARM, a LEG, and my LEFT BOOB just to breathe the same air as Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard). Anyhow, long story friend, good food, and then an episode of True Blood...regardless of the tiredness, it's going to be a good day! 

Don't tell me this guy isn't an automatic VISUAL ORGASM! 

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this week's ~Sunday Stew~, I definitely enjoyed writing it. With this, I conclude this week's Sunday Stew post! Thank you for reading, feel free to leave me any comments/feedback you may like. I wish you a blessed rest of the week, and that you'll continue to visit! :)


  1. I really like True Blood too but I am a whole season behind!

  2. I have yet to start True Blood, but after that visual O I probably should get right on that! I hear you about shopping, I am losing interest quick and with temps over 100 I have ZERO desire to go anywhere!!

    Enjoy your eye candy!!! Have a great week!

  3. Shopping for shoes and books? Yes please! Everything else? Not so much...I'm totally with you on that one.

    Adorable picture by the way! And I'm so not talking about Eric. Lol!

  4. you have such a great blog!!! I have never watched True Blood *gasp* i may have too!

  5. I pretty much hate to shop for anything except books and food :) I love to grocery shop!
    If I have to shop for something else, I always try to do it online first.

  6. See you love Eric Northman too? I knew we were kindred spirits! ;)