Tuesday, July 12, 2011

~Once Upon a Read-a-Thon - Update #3~

 "Once Upon a Read-a-Thon" is hosted by Angela at Reading Angel, Lori at Pure Imagination, Candace at Candace's Book Blog. It runs from 12:01 AM on July 11 to 11:59 PM on July 13th.

Book I'm Currently Reading: "Divergent" by Veronica Roth
# of Pages Read (of book currently reading): 59 pages (out of 487 pages)
Total # Pages Read:  1004 pages

Total # of Books Read (completed during Read-a-Thon): 3

Names of Books Completed: "The Human Race" by O.C. Heaton, "The Mistress's Revenge" bt Tamar Cohen and "The Peach Keeper" by Sarah Addison Allen.

Comments/Concerns (about the book currently reading): I had planned on reading "What You See In The Dark" by Manuel Muñoz next, however, "Divergent" kept calling to me from amidst the pile of books I'd planned. I just couldn't help but pick it up. In all honesty, it hasn't totally "gripped" me yet...but that's only because I'm about 60 pages in. It seems to be in an intriguing concept, and I suppose all the "action" is yet to arrive in the book; I am really looking forward to it! :)

Book I Plan To Read Next: "What You See In The Dark" by Manuel Muñoz.

Mini Challenge#1

Love Triangles

1) Edward Cullen vs. Jacob Black from the Twilight Series
2) Bill Compton vs. Eric Northman from the Southern Vampire (Sookie Stackhouse) Series
3) Linden vs. Gabriel from The Chemical Garden Trilogy

A big thank you to Sabrina from YA Bliss for hosting this amazing Mini-Challenge. Make sure to check it out here


Synopsis (Fake)
"The pace of evolution is murder..." in The Human Race. All those notions that we had about the planet and the universe have all been wrong; Mother Earth is, in fact, Daddy Earth and he's NOT a happy camper. He has slowly begun to devour the world, and has threatened extinction of the human race until they do as Daddy Earth desires. Money is no longer the currency of the world, leaves are. If you have maple leaves, good...if you have redwood leaves, even better. Animals are no longer fit for consumption and have all been marked with a virus that results in the growing of horns on the head of anyone who consumes their flesh. Cars are banned, and even the mention of an airplane results in an earthquake! 
Humans are absolutely mortified at the difficulties that they're facing, and cannot fathom why Daddy Earth is being so callous towards the human race. Until one of their political leaders, Captain Prince Sir Hump-A-Lot comes across the secret that Daddy Earth's beloved wife Gaia has threatened to leave him for not having run a tight-ship, for allowing Earth to come to disarray and harm her beauty, and for generally being a sloth. When humans come to find this, they suddenly realize that they've not only brought this upon themselves but have committed a grave injustice in the process. Can they redeem themselves, beautify the Earth, change slovenly and slothful Daddy Earth and please Gaia so that her love can become the emollient for Daddy Earth's wrath? You must read...to find out! 
A big thank you to Casey of The Bookish Type for hosting this amazing Mini-Challenge. Make sure to check it out here.


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