Sunday, July 10, 2011

~Sunday Stew - July10th, 2011~

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Bookmark of the Week

I was recently cleaning my bookshelf, and organizing some things, and I found this postcard for an art exhibition that took place in 2009, called "Collective Aesthetics" over at the Santee Court Gallery. I was barely at the exhibition for more than five minutes, but I did grab this postcard, and am absolutely in love with it. I've always found the Los Angeles River Bridge fascinating. Crossing over it seems like a rite of passage, a gateway to the inner-labyrinth of the city of Los Angeles. Plus, the architecture of the bridge is absolutely remarkable, and anyone who's ever seen it knows it has a personality of it's own. It has also been featured in many Hollywood movies, including "The Mask" and "Biker Boyz".  This black and white picture of the bridge really intrigued me, because I think it highlights the structure and architecture of the bridge really well - so does this next beautiful picture that I found online (click on it to see it's source). Anyhow, upon finding it, I fell in love with it, and since have been using it for my bookmark all of this week. 

Around The Web:

That's right, if you live anywhere on the face of this planet, and remotely browse the world wide web, you know that the new Google+ Project has taken the internet by storm. Google+ is a social network launched by Google, that makes sharing content (video, links, photos, etc) with other internet presences easier, and one that makes "sharing on the web seem like sharing in real life."

So what does Google+ really mean? Why the bizarre name? Because Google wants to assure its users that using this product will not be very different from using all the other products that Google offers, such as search and Gmail; they added the smallest moniker possible to signify that they have not meandered far from their original approach - easy, streamlined sharing capabilities. Google+, which is still in its Beta Field Testing stages, is also signifies Google + You - incorporating YOU into the matrix of the Google world. It (eventually) will become your companion, your +1 for all internet events, allowing you to share with one click, anything and everything (basically) that your little heart desires with people in your "Circles". Or, you can have "Hangouts" with any of your friends who are available and free to chat - with multi-user chat feature available too.  Or perhaps you can create "Sparks" - basically a stream of stuff that you love, which you can then choose to share with different (or all of your) circles within Google+. 

I think it's a nifty product, and will soon become a tool used worldwide for social interactions, and for sharing your life via the internet with friends/family. Google+ is the surreal amalgamation of real life, and digital life - sharing in real time, chatting with friends face-to-face (via webchat), and mixing different circle of friends (if you so desire) all serve to marry the digital world with your real world. If you want to learn more about Google+ - just click on the Google+ icon above, and check it out! :) 

Also, a reminder, the "Once Upon a Readathon" begins tomorrow Monday, July 11th and ends on July 13th. If you'd like to participate or just check it out, just click on the link below! Hope to see ya there, reading with us! 

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon

Around Me

Okay, well, since I've basically been MIA from the blogging world for about 2 weeks now, I guess there's a lot that took place around me. The final, grand memorial for my Uncle Paul took place on June 25th, 2011 for which I traveled up to San Francisco yet again, and was so my blogging was neglected for that week. Then came the July 4th weekend, and since this was the 1st weekend of my mama's summer vacations (she's a teacher), I basically spent a whole bunch of time with her. 4th of July brought with it a BBQ with immediate family, and then going to the local park later on in the evening with the family to listen to a live jazz band and watch some fireworks. It was a fine evening, but it really made me miss my uncle that much more. I think we all have vices, and mine is that when I am stressed or emotional, I tend to recede into the corners of my own self. For the most part this means I talk a lot more (because if I keep talking, I don't have time to think), I bite my nails (a nasty habit!), I tend to be overtly emotional, and (as I've now discovered) I tend to ignore updating my blog!  

It didn't change much of anything for me, but I wanted to apologize to Shannon of Books Devoured for not participating in the past two editions of Sunday Stew. Shannon has put a lot of love and effort into the Sunday Stew, and when I signed up to take part in this meme, I absolutely planned on a post every Sunday. I've steered clear of all other memes, but I really loved this one because it felt so personalized and interesting - I absolutely did not plan on life becoming so complicated, and skipping out on my responsibilities. I know that Shannon might be on vacation currently, but either way, whenever she gets back or has a chance to read this post, I just wanted to say I'm sorry, and thank you for not giving up on me or "The Stew" :D

What else, what else? Wait, how can I leave you with a ~Sunday Stew~ post with no fun pictures!? Here are a few of the fireworks show we attended on the 4th of July :)

It began with a wall of fireworks sprouting from the bottom, and the sky getting lit up with fireworks - needless to say I was completely starry-eyed the entire night.

Followed not too much later by an explosion of red across the sky - I love red...weee! 

Another explosion of white, with beautiful sparks flying all four directions! :D

Another great display, these were huge, and literally lit up the whole sky! 

Smiley face fireworks - I mean, how FREAKIN' AWESOME is that!?!? :D

By now, the "Red White & Blue" fireworks had begun coloring the sky, and we knew the grand finale was soon going to take place - but these were HUGE fireworks, absolutely regal!

The absolutely beautiful "Red, White & Blue" - God Bless America :D

Also, here's a video I took of the Grand Finale of the Fireworks display. Please excuse my crazy hooting and hollerin' behind the camera, and the excessive whistlin' (yes, that's me too!). 

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this week's ~Sunday Stew~, I definitely enjoyed writing it. With this, I conclude this week's Sunday Stew post! Thank you for reading, feel free to leave me any comments/feedback you may like. I wish you a blessed rest of the week, and that you'll continue to visit! :)


  1. So sorry about your uncle...hoping that you and your family find comfort in the days ahead.

    The fireworks pictures are lovely, and I really enjoyed the color photo of that L.A. Bridge; it looks very old European, not at all in keeping with the image I have of LA as this modern, cosmopolitan steel and glass city.

  2. Glad you got to spend the 4th with your family hun! Love the firework pics! Thanks for the linkage once again my sweets!

  3. I don't think I've ever seen a smiley face firework before!

  4. Wonderful post! My heart goes out to you and I pray for peace and comfort for you and your family. I really missed my family on the 4th and our usual BBQ/firework show, so your video and pics were especially lovely for me. Thank you!
    Bigs hugs to you,

  5. @TheBookGirl

    Dear TheBookGirl,

    Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate it. Yes, I know that LA appears so "plastic", and so very impersonal with it's crazy hustle, and towers of steel and glass - but it also has a real heartbeat, and a beautiful personality. I'm glad you were able to witness the other side of our beautiful city! :D

    Hope you'll continue to visit!


  6. @Reading Angel

    Dear Angela,

    I'm so excited for the Read-a-Thon starting tomorrow - and thank you for your lovely comment. Love you, darling. I hope you'll continue to visit.


  7. @Patty

    Dear Patty,

    Yes, I discovered those when the city of Ontario put up the fireworks display last year, and I saw these there for the first time. They made a re-appearance this year, and I'm so glad...they are SO cute! :D


  8. @Cheles Bells

    Dear Michele,

    Thank you darling, for your beautiful comment, and for all your love and support. I'm glad you felt close to your family via these pics/video - family holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving and 4th of July aren't quite the same without family. But I love youuu <3


  9. Hi!

    I just dashed over here after I got my e-mail update for you blog because I saw the Once Upon a Read-a-Thon button, I'm participating too! Good luck and happy reading! :]

    The firework pictures were gorgeous, the closest I got to them was seeing a few go off from my backyard as I was trying to calm my dogs down [both of whom are terrified of fireworks].


  10. Ohhhh ahhhhh at your fireworks!! :) And I will see you for the Once Upon a Readathon! Woohoo!

  11. @Ash

    hey Ash,

    Thank you for your lovely comment! I wish I'd known you had no plans, I would have tried working some plan out for you - you could have come seen the fireworks with me! :) Ah, well. Oh, I am going to find the ARC for you and send it to you this week (PROMISE!). See ya for the #OUreadathon ! :D


  12. @Miss Lauren

    Dear Lauren,

    Haha, you're SUCH a cutie! I love the fireworks - actually, I love all fireworks, as long as they're handled by professionals. Kids with firecrackers and fireworks on the street freak me out! Good luck with the #OUreadathon :D


  13. Hiya Hira,

    That would have been fun! As it was I just chilled on the porch with a stack of books and my dogs. Which was nice but I did miss seeing the fireworks. It was the first year I've gone without. And you're such a sweetie about the ARC, thank you! <3

    Good luck on the read-a-thon! Happy reading!


    [Now that I'm done typing this I wonder why I just didn't e-mail you, LOL!]